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                The NEW NONE products include exclusive developed fittings and assembly profile、 UV wood panels (artifical series, engineering series), modular self-contained components、 and customized home series, of which 28 varieties are national patent product.

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                PROJECT CASES

                In the case of the project, the aluminum alloy profile and solid wood panels are combined to simplify the complicated procedures of the construction process, making the design and construction process easier and faster with a better effect.

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                TRAINING COURSE

                The “NEW NONE” team has a wealth of platform resources and technical resources to provide training courses for industry needs . Provide construction management training for the decoration company, transport design and construction management talents; provide designers with a general lack of construction process knowledge training, thereby improving the quality of the landed design.

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                讓收口更加唯美 & 讓拾掇更加簡單

                ABOUT US

                NEW NONE has 28 kinds of national patent products. NEW NONE is a craftsman representative who pursues the perfect quality of living space . It awarded the “Artisan Spirit Award” at the 2016 Cotton Tree China Design Award presented by “Guangzhou Design Week”.

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                JOIN US

                Our product is high quality and unique personality, and has many national technology patents. The quality is in line with foreign products, far exceeding the domestic industry products. Welcome to join us.

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